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    Web-based Report Mining Solution

    Monarch Report Mining Server turns any traditional COLD report archive or existing document management system into a powerful source for business intelligence.

    Buried within your archived reports and other business documents is invaluable information just waiting to be used for data analysis and decision-making.

    Gives You the ‘Live Data’ You Need

    There is, however, one main problem: your current reports are static views of data that can’t easily be filtered, sorted, reordered and analyzed. In short, reports just aren’t the live data you need. That’s why Datawatch created Monarch RMS (Report Mining Server).

    Report Mining Versus “Traditional” BI Solutions

    Monarch RMS transforms the reports stored in your document management system into real, actionable data, such as Excel spreadsheets. And, it does it all with the click of the mouse.

    The bottom line? By allowing you access to live, flexible data, your need for analyzable data is satisfied at a much lower cost.

    Key Benefits

    With Monarch RMS, you can:

    • Leverages the time and effort already put into creating your existing report output
    • Leverages the time and effort already put into creating your document archive
    • Works with virtually any existing archive including IBM DB2® Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) and OnBase® from Hyland Software
    • Gives users the data they need in the format they want without the need to build a whole new information infrastructure
    • Reduces data quality/integrity issues as reports are generally very trusted source of data

    The Base Monarch RMS System  

    • RMS Spreadsheet dynamically transforms reports and PDF files stored in any existing document management system into browser-based or Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets, tables, summaries and charts.

    Optional Monarch RMS Modules

    • RMS Style which transforms reports or other text output stored in any existing document management system into online XML forms such as invoices, complex financial statements, healthcare claims and more for viewing and printing.
    • RMS Cube extends the business intelligence capabilities of Monarch RMS by transforming data selected from reports into a multidimensional data cube on the server and then downloading it to the user's web browser for powerful drag-and-drop analysis.


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